Posted in May 2012

6 The Big News: DPChallenge

Text from Claire: “coffee at 2” Text from Sofie: “Ok! don’t be late. I have big news.” Text from Claire: “tell me now. I can’t wait.” Text from Sofie: “later” Text from Claire: ”what is it.” Text from Sofie: “later” Text from Claire: “now please!!!” Text from Claire: “well?” Text from Claire: “r u there?” … Continue reading

5 The Result

I am pacing the floor waiting for the result of the pregnancy test. I bought the test kit yesterday and the moment I got home, I read the instructions and researched it. What we are testing is the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, hCG. Its level is elevated during pregnancy and is easily detected in the … Continue reading

4 The Test

I am going to test Claire’s theory and find out if I am pregnant. I walk into our community pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit. All the kits are placed on the wall near the pharmacy. There are test kits for glucose and ketones levels and on the far side are the pregnancy test … Continue reading

3. Lunch Date: Weekly Writing Challenege.

I am hurrying to meet my friend Claire. We were supposed to meet half an hour ago but I forgot. I am so distracted lately. I misplace things, forget meetings and dates. Claire sees me through the window and waves at me. I rush in to join her. “Where have you been? I was starting … Continue reading

2. Who is Sofie? Daily prompt.

My name is Sofie. I just found out that I am pregnant. I am both excited and terrified. I haven’t told my husband Sam yet. I can hardly believe it myself! I can’t keep still. I have been intermittently pacing the room nervously or sitting on the sofa in a dazed agitation. This is momentous … Continue reading