4 The Test

I am going to test Claire’s theory and find out if I am pregnant.

I walk into our community pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit. All the kits are placed on the wall near the pharmacy. There are test kits for glucose and ketones levels and on the far side are the pregnancy test kits arranged neatly next to the condoms; note the irony. I didn’t know pharmacists have such a sense of humor.

I grab the first one and turn toward the cashier. I stop and come back. Maybe I should take a closer look. Just to be on the safe side.

There are at least four different brands and the generic store brand. I pick them up one by one and read the labels.

Hmm!! This one promises to show result six day earlier than the rest. This one is the easiest to read. This one is the cheapest. Oh! This one is digital.

I decide to ask the pharmacist but a sudden uncharacteristic shyness stops me. I choose the one that says the easiest, pay and walk out.


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