6 The Big News: DPChallenge

Text from Claire: “coffee at 2”

Text from Sofie: “Ok! don’t be late. I have big news.”

Text from Claire: “tell me now. I can’t wait.”

Text from Sofie: “later”

Text from Claire: ”what is it.”

Text from Sofie: “later”

Text from Claire: “now please!!!”

Text from Claire: “well?”

Text from Claire: “r u there?”

Text from Sofie: “I am pregnant.”

My cell phone rings.

“ CONGRATULATIONS!!!! OOH MY GOD. I knew it. Are you sure? When did you find out? Does Sam know?”

“Hey calm down. I just took the home pregnancy test early this morning and it says YES, which means that I am in fact pregnant.

“Don’t move. I am coming over.”

I walk to the family room and melt into the sofa. My whole body, muscles and bones relax. A feeling of serenity and happiness washes over me. I feel at peace. I just sit there savoring it.

The doorbell rings. I open the door. Claire rushes in. We look at each other for a second and then scream:


She then hugs me and says: ”Wow. You are going to have a baby.”


“This is huge.”

“I know.”

“Did you tell Sam.”

“Not yet. I did the test after he left for work.”

“Your parents?”

“No! You’re the only one who knows. I have to tell Sam.”

“Call him.”

“No! I’ll wait until he comes home.”

“You’re right.”

We sit for a few seconds in contemplative silence. Then Claire says:

“This is huge. Are you ready?”

“I think so.”


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