Posted in June 2012

9. Choosing a doctor: Weekly writing challenge:dialogue

“Here’s to Sofie. May this is be the first of many.” “Cheers!” Claire has gathered our closest friends for an alfresco lunch in her backyard. The main topic of conversation: Me. “Sofie, this is such wonderful news.” Says Sue. “Did your doctor confirm the pregnancy?” “I haven’t seen a doctor yet. Sam is urging me … Continue reading

8. Changes: DPChallenge

I realize that because I am pregnant, a lot of things have to change in my life. These changes are creeping on me slowly insidiously. They pop one at a time and are spaced out in such a way that the physical and psychological adjustments are at odds with each other. It is so strange, … Continue reading

7. Spreading the News

We just finished eating the roast I had prepared yesterday. It tasted pretty good even after a night in the fridge! “Sofie! Did you tell your parents?” “No! Only you and Claire know.” “Claire! Of course.” “She’s my best friend.” “OOK!” Sam raises his hands up in surrender and leaves the kitchen. “Should I call … Continue reading