8. Changes: DPChallenge

I realize that because I am pregnant, a lot of things have to change in my life. These changes are creeping on me slowly insidiously. They pop one at a time and are spaced out in such a way that the physical and psychological adjustments are at odds with each other.

It is so strange, my skin is so sensitive. The lightest touch makes me wince with pain. My clothes feel uncomfortable and my shoes are tight. Colors are so bright that I have to wear sunglasses when I am outdoors. Strong smells make me gag.

Everything tastes like mud. I had to eat mud on a dare with my cousin when I was ten and it was disgusting especially with a fat wiggly worm in it. Now, my favorite dishes and desserts taste that way too.

I can hear my heartbeat, strong and steady; surely that should not be so.

I can feel each individual cell in my body humming. I wish they would hum in unison like a well-trained choir. But each cell seems to have a will of its own. It wants to detach itself from the rest and go its own way.