9. Choosing a doctor: Weekly writing challenge:dialogue

Here’s to Sofie. May this is be the first of many.”


Claire has gathered our closest friends for an alfresco lunch in her backyard. The main topic of conversation: Me.

“Sofie, this is such wonderful news.” Says Sue. “Did your doctor confirm the pregnancy?”

“I haven’t seen a doctor yet. Sam is urging me though to do it ASAP.”

“I don’t know why people make such a big fuss.” Answers Mia. “Pregnancy is a natural process and women have been delivering babies since the dawn of time without help. Sofie! As long as you are healthy and eat properly, you won’t need anybody. And you should consider delivering at home with a midwife for assistance.”

“Mia! How can you say that.” answers Betsy indignantly. “What you are saying is crazy. She needs a board certified obstetrician with a hospital affiliation. You never know what might happen.”

Mia stares at her for a minute then shrugs.

“Sofie!” continues Betsy. “Don’t listen to Mia. You have to take this seriously. Research your doctor; find out how long he has been practicing. You must make sure that you have the best care for you and the baby.”

“And what makes you such an authority.” Says Mia.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Retorts Betsy.

“Before you even choose your doctor,” cuts in Sue, “you must know what kind of birth plan you want.”

“What’s a birth plan?” asks Claire.

“You have to make the decision whether you want a natural birth? A c-section? An epidural for the pain?”

Emily slams her hand on the table to get our attention. All eyes turn to her.

“And before you do all of that,” she says “you have to call your insurance and check your coverage; especially which hospitals are included in your plan. Sam is not going to be happy if he receives bills for thousands of dollars when you and little Sammy junior return home.”

“Ok!” says Claire. “ I think we have scared Sofie enough for one day. Cheers everyone!”

 Choosing a Health Care Provider for your Pregnancy and Childcare.