Posted in July 2012

14. Starting The Mommy Lists. DPChallenge

The Mommy lists  FIRST TRIMESTER CHECKLIST CONFIRM PREGNANCY -Buy over the counter pregnancy test. -Choose a healthcare provider. -Make appointment with healthcare provider to confirm pregnancy.   DISCUSS WITH HEALTHCARE PROVIDER -Due date. – Any medications I am taking. -Prenatal vitamins, folic acid and other supplements. -Starting a gentle exercise regimen.   SELF CARE -REST, … Continue reading

13. Dance Class. DPChallenge

“Go about your usual routine” that was the advice Dr Lee gave me. So here I am; 10 am Tuesday morning, taking Mme Olga’s master ballet class. I was trained as a classical ballet dancer since the age of three. My only preoccupation in life was to shape my body and muscles to the rigor … Continue reading

12. “From conception to birth”

I am sitting on the floor surrounded by books. I went to the library today and got every book they had on pregnancy. For the past couple of hours I have been trying to at least read the first chapters. All the books give detailed information of the pregnancy from conception to birth. I feel … Continue reading

11. Finding a Doctor

7 am I am making breakfast; my grandma’s recipe: “gruel and molasses”. I feel on edge. I keep going over every advice and suggestions my mom and my mother in law bombarded me with yesterday for two hours. Sam walks in: “Hey! Want some breakfast.” I offer. “Just coffee. Should I make an appointment with … Continue reading