Posted in August 2012

18. Shopping: DPChallenge: 2 AM!!

“Ok!! Let’s take a coffee break.” Says Claire. Claire, Sue, Mia and I have been walking up and down the Mall looking for a formal dress for me. It’s for Myriam’s wedding; she is Sam’s niece. And I have nothing to wear. Honest! Every single thing in my closet is either too long, too short, … Continue reading

17. Morning sickness

I don’t know why they call it ‘morning’ sickness. I feel nauseous the whole day. The intensity of it varies but it is present ALL THE TIME!!! “It is due to hormonal changes”: said Dr Lee, when I complained about it during my routine check up visit. Knowing the reason does not make it easier … Continue reading

16. Healthy Foods. Weekly Writing Challenge.

I love making lists. I have lists of the best restaurants in town, the best coffee shops, the best clubs, the best boutiques…. Lately though, all my lists are about healthy recipes, baby clothes, best baby diapers!!! I am especially proud of my ‘Healthy Foods’ Table. Eating healthy was my doctor’s number one recommendation. So … Continue reading