17. Morning sickness

I don’t know why they call it ‘morning’ sickness. I feel nauseous the whole day. The intensity of it varies but it is present ALL THE TIME!!!

“It is due to hormonal changes”: said Dr Lee, when I complained about it during my routine check up visit. Knowing the reason does not make it easier to bear.

I simply cannot stand to be in the kitchen. Strong cooking smells make me gag. My stomach heaves every time I see raw meat and poultry. I can’t even tolerate steamed vegetables or fruits.

The only things I can eat are crackers, toasted bread slices and the occasional bowl of boiled pasta: not a very appetizing menu. Sam’s constant reminders to stay hydrated, irritates me. Plain water is impossible for me to swallow. My grandma’s breakfast gruel  gets me through the morning. During the day, every so often, I munch on a piece of dried toast and take a few sips of ginger ale.

This constant state of queasiness is so uncomfortable.

When will it end?


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