21. Cravings

From hardly eating anything due to ‘morning sickness’, I start eating for two, three or four. I didn’t know I could consume so much food in one day. All the weight I lost during the first couple of months of my pregnancy came back with a vengeance.

Pre-pregnancy I was following a very healthy high fiber and low carbohydrate diet. Suddenly now I have cravings for the oddest things. Yesterday it was for my grandmother’s fava bean stew. The day before, it was for Nana’s spicy homemade sausage links.

I am not the only one experiencing these changes; Sam is feeling them too. After watching him turn green every time I felt queasy, he is now matching me in putting on weight pound for pound.

Cravings hit hard when I wake up during the night, which is becoming the norm. I wake up with low back pains and mild general discomfort. I can’t go to back to sleep so I watch reruns of old TV sitcoms. It’s 2am, I am watching ‘I love Lucy’. Lucy is having her own cravings. She is munching on a pickle dipped in ice cream and sardines.

I feel the urge for creamy, luscious pistachio ice cream and my friend Sally’s flowerless chestnut cake.

I nudge Sam awake and grab the phone……….


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