28. Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Grandma’s handwritten recipe notebook.


33 thoughts on “28. Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. I love that you have this. I have my grandmother’s old recipe box, and while I wouldn’t make a lot of the things in it, I enjoy looking at the recipes and seeing her notes and handwriting.


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  3. I remember asking my grandma to make me her recipe notebook, but I guess she’s old enough to write now so she never give me. But I have my mom recipe notebook and I will open it whenever I miss her…


  4. How “priceless” and precious. I love your image and the presence of heart. It’s been nine years since my mother passed. I have some of her recipes, but not in one place. What a treasure to have your grandmother’s recipe “notebook” and with the added bonus of being in her own handwriting. Thank you for making smile! Thanks also for stopping by and “liking” my post. Blessings, Kulia…


  5. What a wonderful thing to own. I have 1 recipe card from my grandmother… written in her turn of the century script (not this century)… I can hear her voice when I look at it and taste my favorite treat. She gave it to my mother before she died, as she wanted me to have it.


  6. This is so special!! My Mum had the most wonderful one but last year it somehow ended up in the sink :( All those handwritten recipes gone. We managed to rescue many of them and there were some interesting dishes made while she was figuring out the rest of them! Love your blog :)


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