36. The Painting Party: Weekly writing challenge

the painting party

I cleaned the house from top to bottom. There isn’t a nook or cranny that hasn’t been dusted and swept. The cupboards are organized and the kitchen is spotless.

And now, I can start decorating the nursery. Do they still call it the nursery? Probably not! Anyhow, I am going to call it the baby’s room.

It is situated next to the master bedroom. It has a plush, wall-to-wall off-white carpet, which is very nice. The walls are white; a bit too white. I would like a warmer color. I have been comparing the million different colors and finally decided on the color ‘egg shell’ which has a warmer hue than plain white.

So today I am painting the walls. I covered the floor to protect the carpet from any dripping paint. I have the paint bucket as well as the brushes, the rollers and a large roll of paper towels neatly arranged in the corner.

The doorbell rings. Who can it be? I open the door surprised:

“Hi Claire! I didn’t know you were coming.”

“Hey! I was in the neighborhood so I decided to stop by. What are you doing?”

“ I was just going to start painting the baby’s room.”

“Great! I’ll help.’

We stand in the middle of the room and plan the next step.

“Right!” says Claire, “get me an old T-shirt and I’ll start by pouring paint in the plastic trays.”

The doorbell rings.

I open the door. Sue and Mia walk in.

“Claire texted us. You are painting the baby’s room, so we came to help.” Says Sue. “Why don’t you get us some old clothes and scarves, I just came from the hairdresser.”

“Not for me,” says Mia, “paint splattered clothes are very ‘in’ now.”

They walk toward the baby’s room while I go in search for some of Sam’s old T-shirts.

Claire has already arranged the trays and we are ready to begin.

“Sofie!” I am really thirsty says Mia. “Can I have a cup of hot herbal tea?”

“Coffee for me.” Says Sue.

“Lemonade for me.” Says Claire.

Fifteen minutes later I carry the tray in the room. Each one is painting a wall.

“Here are your drinks. Why don’t you take a break and I’ll start on the fourth wall.” Before I can even reach for a brush,the doorbell rings. It seems that it is my day for receiving guests.

Emily walks in: “Claire texted me. I am here to help. It’s my lunch hour and I am famished why don’t you make us your famous roasted vegetables Panini.” And walks toward the baby’ room.

By the time I finish preparing the sandwiches, the painting is almost done.

Claire opens the windows wide and we all sit in the garden tucking hungrily in the sandwiches.

Sam and his friend Jason walk in.

“Any left for us” says Jason “we just left the operating room and are famished.” He sits next to Claire and winks at her.

I go to the kitchen to prepare some more. Sam follows:

“Let me help you.” He says.

“What’s going on?”

“We finished early.”

“I had planned to paint the baby’s room ALONE. All of a sudden everyone is here to help.”

Sam sighs:

“We were worried about the paint fumes. They might be dangerous for you and the baby.”

“So you planned to keep me occupied while you paint the room.”

I carry the tray to the garden put it on the table and face the group.

“Sam confessed. All I have to say is……….. Thank You.” And hug each one.

Shortly after, Emily and Claire leave to go back to work, Sue helps me clean up the kitchen, Sam and Jason clean up the baby’s room and Mia lies on the grass in the garden and takes a nap.


16 thoughts on “36. The Painting Party: Weekly writing challenge

  1. Planning things for your first baby is such fun. Doing it with family and friends is even better. I really envy you being at the beginning of it all.
    This computer won’t let me ‘like’ your article. I’ll catch up with it when I get home. Lovely post.


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