Posted in January 2013

97. Mommyhood 101. 7 Sofie asks:

THIS IS HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL: TO VACCINATE OR NOT. You can answer by: – Leaving a comment in the comment box. – Linking to a post you have written. – Linking to another post or article. – You can use written words (prose or rhymes), photos, videos… – You can send me an e-mail on my … Continue reading

96. Claire To The Rescue. DPChallenge

Claire to the rescue. “You’re supposed to help me!” I complain as I tiredly lie down on the love seat in the family room. “I am helping!” answers Claire. “I made us tea and it’s decaf.” Claire is sitting on the floor, her back to the sofa, calmly sipping tea and eating my favorite salty … Continue reading

95. The Agony Of Seperation

  Marc and I are inseparable; it is one of the advantages of being a full time mom. He is such a joy to be with. Each smile, each movement, each cry is a new revelation. I don’t want to miss any new happenings. Every second, he comes up with something new. I take pictures … Continue reading