75. Birth Plan: DPChallenge

My Birth Plan

Dr Lee has strongly suggested that I prepare a birth plan. This birth plan is a guide for my labor and delivery. Being the super organized person that I am I drew up a very long and comprehensive plan with very minute details. Extremely proud of my work, I showed it to Dr Lee expecting high praise for my effort. He read it, looked at me and said:

“You obviously put a lot of work in this. But the birth plan is a guideline. Since childbirth does not always go as planned, some of this birth plan may change. Here is a birth plan form, just fill out the blanks. Bring it back and Judy will send a copy to the hospital.”

Here is the information needed for a birth plan:

–        Your name

–        Your partner’s name.

–        The name of your doctor or midwife: address and phone number.

–        The name of the birthing center: address and phone number.

–        The name of the person(s) who will be with you during labor and birth.


–        Do you want to go home if you are not in active labor?

–        Do you want the lights dimmed?

–        Do you want music in the background?

–        Do you want your partner to take photos or videos of the birth?

–        Do you want to take a warm shower or bath?

–        Do you prefer to drink clear fluids instead of having an IV?

–        Do you want to walk around?

–        Birthing position: semi-reclined on bed, lying on my side, birthing chair, birthing stool etc.

–        Do you want to be coached on when to push?

–        Which technique would you like to use for pain management: breathing techniques, massage, medicine or epidural.

–        Recommend taking all possible steps to avoid episiotomy.


– Do you want your partner to cut the umbilical cord?

– Do you want to breast-feed as soon as possible?

– Do you want your baby in your room 24 hours a day?

This is the guideline that Dr Lee wants. Needless to say that I added a few more suggestions of my own on the blank space provided at the end.


6 thoughts on “75. Birth Plan: DPChallenge

  1. I’m really glad that you shared this post link with me! These are all great things to consider prior to that big moment, no doubt! Educating yourself on your options is always good! With that being said, flexibility is also key! :)


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