83. Back Home. An Impossible Task: DPChallenge

My whole world revolves around Marc. Twenty four hours is not nearly enough to take care of a small seven pound baby, let alone do other mundane things like cooking, cleaning,eating or sleeping. I never get enough sleep! No amount of reading and expert advice prepared me for this!

Am I doing the right thing? is a thought that is constantly on my mind. Every time I am confident that I have mastered one task, a new challenge appears and I am back to square one. it is difficult to feel confident when Marc is screaming, large teardrops streaming down his chubby cheeks and I have no clue what he wants. I still can’t correlate his sobs to his needs. I try to swallow down the panic rising in me, take a deep breath and decide to go by a process of elimination.

Is he hungry? No he doesn’t want to eat. He might need soothing, I hold him and pace the floor. That’s not working, I sit in the rocking chair  and sing a lullaby. The crying intensifies. I stop singing. I turn him around and my hand touches something wet. Hello! he needs a diaper change. Piece and quite at last. All that crying was for a dirty diaper. He is cleaned up and smelling nicely of baby powder. I put him in the crib for a nap. The crying starts……

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