97. Mommyhood 101. 7 Sofie asks:




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3 thoughts on “97. Mommyhood 101. 7 Sofie asks:

  1. Compulsory vaccination against a few diseases that are highly prevalent is advisable. However, mindless vaccination against all type of diseases (specially those that self limiting) should be a straight No.

    Also vaccination has become an industry and means for exploitation ,,,,,,,,, One has to be aware about these aspects and then decide. I provide a link from anothe wp post for those interested to know more …..



  2. I get my kids vaccinated with the ones that have been around year i.e mmr etc but when the swine flu vaccine came out I didn’t get myself or any of the kids it as I felt it was still too early to know the side effects of it if you know what I mean and I’ve since heard bad storied about it like kids getting this insomnia thing!


  3. When my kids were little they ahd all teh vacs except whooping cough because their dad was epileptic it was advised not to – they got whooping cough! IT was hideous but we got through it. I got swine flu with the first wave and thought I was going to die and now have flu vacs every autumn. I think everyone has different things to take into consideration don’t they? but so hard to know what’s best.


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