112. The Yellow Ducky!! DPChallenge.



Baby’s bath

It’s Marc’s bath-time. The little bathtub is on the countertop near the sink. The thick and beautifully embroidered towel is next to it. The baby shampoo, baby soap, baby oil, baby lotion, Q-tips, cotton balls and a pile of wash towels are all neatly arranged in a small basket and last but not least the yellow rubber ducky. I nod my head, satisfied.

The three of us gather in the master bathroom.

Sam looks at the tub and exclaims:


“What’s the matter?”I reply startled.

“This is dangerous! You can’t have the tub sitting directly on the counter. It might slip when the counter get wet.”

“It’s made of heavy plastic. it is supposed to stay put.”

“We can’t take any chances. Let’s put a towel underneath. It will be safer.”

“Oh Ok!”

He holds Marc while I spread a towel under the tub. 

I take Marc from him and say:

“Put the heater on. I don’t want Marc to catch a cold.”

“It’s very warm in here.”

“Let’s be on the safe side.”

Sam switches the heater on while I place Marc gently in the tub. He’s looking around curiously. He reaches for the yellow ducky and holds it with both hands.

“Stop!”  cries Sam all of a sudden. “The water is hot.”

“No!” I answer irritably. “It’s perfect. Here, test it yourself.”

Sam puts his hand under the running water.”You’re right,” he agrees. “The water is fine. Let’s get started.”

I fill the tub with water and reach for the shampoo.

“What are you doing?” exclaims Sam.

I look at him surprised. “What does it look like I’m doing? I am squeezing shampoo in my hand. I’m going to wash his hair.”

“Shouldn’t we leave the hair for last?”

It really cannot continue this way, with Sam hovering over me and contradicting everything I do or say. I look at him and say: 

“You know what! One of us should hold the baby securely and the other will wash him. As you are bigger and stronger, you’ll hold Marc and I’ll wash him.”

By the time Marc’s bath ended, we had twenty golden rules in place, ranging from how to hold his head to how to clean his toes, how to pour water over him and how long bath time should be. Marc behaved like a real trooper. He and his yellow ducky sailed through the whole event with great patience and forbearance and gallantly put up with the two crazy grownups. Finally smelling fresh, Marc snuggled in his warm pjs and took a well-deserved nap. Sam and I drenched and soggy, were left to clean up the mess we’d created in the bathroom.


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