145.Weekly Writing Challenge: Through The Door.

It is amazing how my outlook on life has changed. The physical and emotional changes morphed me into a new person. I used to take so many things for granted; food, sleep, work, rest, hobbies, not anymore. They all take second place to my child. His needs come first.

At the hospital, the whole maternity ward team had gone over the basics of childcare. I was given brochures and a basket containing samples of all the necessities; diapers, shampoos, creams, formulas, etc. A smiling nurse has faithfully recited the do’s and don’ts and kept exclaiming what a good job I am doing. While I was there I thought: Wow! I can handle it. How hard can it be?

Those feeling lasted until I arrived home and then reality descended….

The first two weeks of our return home is a blur. Two things stand out in my mind. the first is the feeling of utter exhaustion at all times and the second is the certain knowledge that nothing will be the same again. The rooms seem larger, the light coming from the windows brighter. The whole house seems to be humming with life and movement.


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