162. The Mommy Lists: Traveling With a Baby By Air.

Travelling by air:

  1. Make sure your baby’s and your passport is up to date.
  2. If you are travelling abroad. Have a full medical check up for the baby and make sure than he/she has the appropriate immunization.
  3. Take enough medication to last the whole trip.
  4. Never rely on airplane food. Pack enough food and snacks for the baby’s need for the whole flight.
  5. If the baby is on formula. Pack an extra can just in case. Foreign countries do not use the same brands as the US.
  6. Arrange for suitable seating. Most airlines will reserve you the front seats where you’ll have more legroom.
  7. Book in advance.
  8. Make sure you have all the confirmation numbers at hand.
  9. Arrive early and board early to have time to settle down.
  10. Make sure the baby has a pacifier or a bottle to suck on during take off and landing. It will help alleviate the pressure in the inner ear.
  11. Give the baby a lot to drink during the flight to avoid dehydration.
  12. Leave the plane last and give yourself plenty of time gathering your belongings.
  13. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND DON’T RUSH. You are traveling with a baby.

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