225. Joffrey Ballet





There is always something magical about sitting in a theatre surrounded by a sea of spectators watching dancers weave their spell and transport you to another world, another dimension.

The evening started at 7pm. I parked my car in the theatre parking lot and walked swiftly to the entrance. Joffrey Ballet is performing a brand new program (brand new for me) and I have an orchestra seat ticket (birthday present).

I am impatient to get in and for the show to start.

I present my ticket at the door and is shown to my seat. It is in the center of the row. I make myself comfortable and look around. The theatre is quite empty. It is early yet. I check the program: Three dances and two intermissions. The seats are filling up fast. I can feel the excitement in the air and in the buzz surrounding me.

It is 8pm. The lights are dimming. The show is about to start. Complete silence.


The curtains slide open and onstage four dancers are standing still under three spiral light fixtures. They are wearing tan colored leotards with red spirals prints.

The music starts. And it is twenty minutes of fast, bold, energetic and beautiful dancing. The choreographer, Val Caniparoli is truly inspired by the music. The execution is flawless: strong jumps and long and beautiful lines.

There are ten dancers in all. I specially liked the entrance and exit from stage of each group or solo dancer.

At the intermission, I stay in my seat. I am still feeling the tremendous energy that emanated from the performance.


The music starts and a solo ballerina is doing “petit pas de bourree” in place. Her costume is exquisite. The tutu skirt reinvented. Instead of the many layers of tulle, the skirts is made of one layer of tulle fabric attached to two wired circles; a smaller circle around her waist and a larger one flaring out. With each movement the skirt quivers.

The second movement duo is performed with great sensitivity and virtuosity.

Third Dance: “EPISODE 31”

The dance starts with a short film showing the dancers during rehearsal and commentaries from the dancers themselves. They are on stage wearing black and white and the whole performance has the feel of a flash mob executing an impromptu routine.

Final curtsy to a standing ovation and the show is over.

An unforgettable night!


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