The Nutcracker Ballet: 7/14/2015

I have neglected keeping a log for the preparation of ” the Nutcracker” ballet. It does not mean that I haven’t been thinking about it. I have been watching a medley of “the Nutcracker ballet” DVDs from the very conventional Kirov ballet to the contemporary Maurice Bejart’s version.

One thing is certain, I have to adapt the choreography to my students. Their level ranges from beginner to intermediate.

We start the “Nutcracker ballet” camp August 10. It will be a whole week of preparation and sorting out and matching each class to a dance in the show. All the students signed up will participate. I will have to decide on the solo quite early. I will dance the role of Drosselmeyer. It will also give me the opportunity to be on stage most of the time with the dancers.

The Nutcracker by Andre Previn is going to be the soundtrack I will use for the show.

My priority right now is to organize the camp and have as many students signed up as possible.





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