Posted in September 2015

The Nutcracker Ballet: Spanish Dance

Spanish Dance Choreography: 1-Introduction: Run from upstage left in a circle to the center. 2-Stop center stage. 3-Turn 4-Point right foot in front attitude a terre. 5- Look at the audience a flip open fan. 6-Turn back to audience. 7- Glance back on right shoulder. 8-Glance back on left shoulder. 9-Glance back on right shoulder, … Continue reading

The Nutcracker Ballet: List of Costumes

  1-Parents costumes: Dressy party clothes. 2- Children’s party costume: 3- Drosselmeyer: Black cape 4- The Nutcracker Prince: 5- Clara: 6- Mouse King: 7-Sugar Plum Fairy: 8-Candy Canes:   9- The snow fairy:     10- The snow Flakes:   11-The flower fairy:   12-The flowers:   13- Spanish Dancer: or:   14- Arabian dancer: … Continue reading