The Nutcracker Ballet: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy Solo: Choreography:

1- Walk on stake on demi-pointe. Stop center. Point right foot in the back.

2- Port de bras right hand.

3-Port de bras left hand.

4- Port de bras both hands to fifth position. Mime dance with hands. then bring the arms down.

5-  Balance right, balance left, balance right and step to the left and turn.

6- Pas de bourre back. upstage left.

7- Retire front right foot, retire back left foot, pas de bourre en diagonal en avant. Repeat two times.

8- Retire front and back en tournant.

9- Assemble left foot front

10- Pique devant croise with left foot. Step side to the right. Pique croise with the right foot. Repeat starting with the right foot.

11-First  Arabesque to the right coupe back coupe front. Bras bas.

12- First arabesque to the left coupe back coupe front. Bras bas

13- Pas de bourre downstage right. Arms: bras bas to third right.

14- Turn arms in fifth.

15- Pas de bourre downstage left. Arms: bras bas to third left.

16- Turn arms in fifth.

17- Pas de chat to the right, pas de bourre.

18- Pas de chat to the left, pas de bourre.

19- Changements en tournant to the right.

20-Repeat all to the left.

21- Step to the right in attitude back.

22- Glisse to the right.

23- Step to the left in attitude back.

24- Glisse to the left.

25- Turn.

26- Bourre back left, arms side to side.

27- Step to the right, attitude turn. developpe, retire front, retire back, retire front.

28- Repeat to the left.

29- Coupe back right foot, developpe side to the left.

30- repeat to the left.

31- Bourre front.

32- Preparation and pirouette to the right and finish.







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