The Nutcracker Ballet: Spanish Dance

Spanish Dance Choreography:

1-Introduction: Run from upstage left in a circle to the center.

2-Stop center stage.


4-Point right foot in front attitude a terre.

5- Look at the audience a flip open fan.

6-Turn back to audience.

7- Glance back on right shoulder.

8-Glance back on left shoulder.

9-Glance back on right shoulder, smile and use fan.

10-Flip turn.

11-Glisse to the side to the right, right arm up, open the fan, left foot pointed on the floor.

11-Piquees en tournant, accent down.

12-Close fan.

13-Sissonne attitude back, croise right arms in fifth.

14- Land in fifth. sous-sous, arms in fifth.

15-Turn croise, right leg in attitude a terre. Cambre back.

16- Repeat to the left.

17-Balance right, balance left, balance right, turn left.

18- Pique derriere with the right foot, developpe devant with the left, repeat twice.

19- Run forward.

20-Repeat start to the left.

21- Step arabesque downstage right with rjght foot, glisse back, grand jete en tournant.

22- Run forward.

23- Enveloppe front with right leg. Enveloppe derriere with right leg and finish the turn.

24- repeat with left leg.

25 Pique en tournant, finish fourth and cambre derriere.





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