The Nutcracker Ballet: The Waltz of the Snowflakes

The Waltz of the Snowflakes

1- from upstage left, run downstage right turn exit.

2-from upstage right run downstage left turn exit

3-Repeat from downstage to upstage.

4=Petit bourre side arms go to fifth,

5-Petit bourre side exit the stage

6-repeat once. Stay center stage. Petist bourres en tournant.

7- For two dancers coming from opposite sides.

8-Link arms and petits bourees.

9- Pas de valse pointed foot. In a circle. Arms side to side.

10-Come back together. Arms linked and bourree en tournant.

11-Separate and run to side on each side.

12-Arms in third position. Bourree side

13- Meet in center and turn back to back.

14- Continue to sides.

15-Run to the center. Side by side.

16-Step arabesque to the right glisse to left.

17- Repeat to left

18-Repeat 16 and 17

19- turn bourree to the right 4 turns

20- turn bourree to the left 4 turns.

21-balance side, repeat 2 times turn sous-sous

22- Repeat to the left

23 repeat to the right

24- Run to corners upstage

25- chasse skip meet in the center link arms bourree turn.

26-run upstage corners

27- step grand jete down to corners

28 bourree back

29- come back to back and bourree armes moving side to side,




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