She wanted to open her eyes. She wanted to move her arm to shield them from the merciless glare of the sun. She wanted to move her legs away from the hard and scratchy surface.  She wanted to stand up and run as if her life depended on it. She was racked with long and painful shivers. She was burning. Her body was screaming to let the suffering end but her mind was refusing to let go. It was imposing its will on this unendurable pain.


There was a buzzing around her. At first, she could not make out the noise.  Her mind cleared and she could understand a few words.


“….She is too sick…”


“……    we have to continue without her…”


“……she will not survive…”


“…….. What about the children……..”


“…….. I will take care of the children…..”


She recognized the last voice but could not remember the face that went with it.


The buzzing returned stronger. She was floating in the air. It was getting darker and darker. She knew she was dead.






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