Chapter One

 Chapter One

“ Almast!! Where are you? Come here at once and help in the kitchen.”

Almast heard her mother’s summon but ignored it. The kitchen was the last place she wanted to be. It was a beautiful day. The air was fragrant with the first blooming wildflowers. She wanted to run in the meadows, let the sun infiltrate her body and soul. She furtively opened the front door and stepped out. She started running carefree following a butterfly as it flit from flower to flower. She stopped and raised her face to the sky. Shielded her eyes with her hand to follow the flight of a majestic hawk. How magnificent, to be able to float on air unshackled and free from the earthly bonds. She closed her eyes to better feel the soft caress of the fresh breeze on her face and inhaled deeply the fragrances surrounding her. She opened her mouth and let her tongue out. She wanted to taste this freedom that was so precious.

“Almast!! Come back to the house. Almast!”

She looked back, her younger sister Ovsanna was running towards her. She turned around and started heading away. Ovsana caught up with her and stopped her by grabbing her arm:

“Mom is asking for you. You must come back.”

Almast shrugged and kept going.

“You are going to be in real trouble. Come back home.”

Ovsanna took hold of her sleeve and started to pull her towards the house. With a jerk she freed herself and started running. Ovsanna was running after her. She looked back and laughed. She knew she could easily outrun her sister.  She headed to the chain of hills that surrounds her village. She started climbing and knew that her sister will not follow her. She climbed steadily. Mid way up the slope, she stopped and looked down. Ovsanna was at the bottom of the hill. She had both hands around her mouth and was shouting but it was too far for her to hear anything. She waved and then tossed her long tress to the back and started climbing again heading straight to her favorite place.

She found the narrow ledge and sat on it. She folded her legs and gazed up to the heavens. Here time was suspended. She was away from humans only hawks and a few mountain goats would disturb the peace and quiet. Here suspended between heaven and earth she could pretend to be anywhere in the world and let her imagination take flight.



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