Sofie and shopping on line

I stare at my closet and I hate the yellowish color on the wall. It has to go. I have to paint the walls and the shelves.

I want to paint it a bright shiny white.

I need:

  • paint
  • brushes and rolls
  • disposable gloves
  • painter plastic roll
  • painter tape
  • painter overall
  • rags
  • paper roll

I am an old fashion type of shopper. I like to physically go to the store and browse and then buy.

I know that Home Depot or Walmart are open but an anxiety is gripping me at the idea of going out and exposing myself to the elements and germs. I feel safer in my home.

My only solution is to buy on line.

My experience to buy on line is rudimentary. Even in this day and age I have only bought a few items from Amazon.

So where to start. I would usually be going to Home Depot. The logical thing to do is start on their website I painstakingly choose every item on my list and transfer them to my cart. I hit the ‘proceed to payment’ button and there it is in bold letters. ” due to the COVID19 pandemic delivery date is 2 weeks.”

This will not do! I can’t wait that long.

I have just spent more than an hour choosing everything. This is so frustrating.

Next, I type Just scrolling through the millions of results give me a headache. I slam my laptop shut.

But each time I look at my closet and that seventy mustard yellow color, I know that I cannot rearrange my closet without changing the color on the walls.

Where to look next. Walmart pops into my mind. I got to their website and fill out my cart. I press pay and the delivery time is a few days.

Shopping on line is hard work!!!!





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