‘Emma’ by Jane Austen, Sofie and Emma Woodhouse

I am still waiting for the paint. My room is a mess and I can’t do anything about it until I paint my closet.

To pass the time I am binging on my favorite shows on Netflix. A new movie adaptation of ‘Emma’ has just been released. I am going to watch it. it is directed by Autumn de Wilde and stars Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma, Johnny Flynn as Mr Knightley and Bill Nighy as Mr Woodhouse and Miranda Hart as Miss Bates.

Two hours later!!!

It is an enchanting movie. I was transported to Jane Austen’s world and for two hours forgot where I was.

It is so fresh and funny. A Satire!!!! It visually translates the fun Jane Austen must have been having while writing it. Jane Austen’s sarcasm is alive in the representation of each character.

‘Emma’ a spoiled and bored heroin who wants to control the lives of every one around her and gets it wrong each time. Mr Woodhouse anxious and neurotic, Harriet completely clueless, Mr and Mrs Weston cheerful and bland, Mr Elton so full of himself until he gets a set down by Emma.

Miss Bates is Hilarious. Miranda Hart is great both a chatterbox and pathetic.

Frank Churchill is exactly as I imagined him, so unlikable.

And Mr Knightley!!!! He would give Mr Darcy a run for his money. I loved that Autumn de Wilde made him young and sexy. The last scene melts your heart.

In a nutshell, I loved the movie!!!



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