Day 11

A mother’s first instinct is to feed her baby. Giving nourishment and sustaining life is a genetic and evolutionary need. For today’s mother, the most personal decision is which feeding method is best for her and her baby. Healthcare professionals strongly encourage breast-feeding. Breast milk has all the vitamins and nutrients; it protects the baby from infections as it contains the mother’s antibodies, is easily digestible and gives the least gastric discomfort.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would breast-feed. I didn’t even think about an alternative method.

Everyone extols its virtues without mentioning the discomfort, the pain and the frustration of breast-feeding; the discomfort of being available 24/7, the pain and the feeling of being drained after each feeding. the frustration of never being sure that it would be enough nutrition for the baby.

The alternative to breast feeding are also very good options. There is a wide range of baby formulas vitamin enriched or soy based for the lactose intolerant. Refrigerated pumped breast milk is very practical too.

I chose to breast-feed and I don’t regret it. It was messy and uncomfortable but really worthwhile. The emotional bond it created between mother and child was a wonderful experience.


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