Day 17

I kept that timetable. It has so many scribbles, notes and crossovers that it’s unreadable. The pattern changed every day, almost every hour. The golden rule is of course to use it as a guideline. Being flexible is the way for better parenting.

Life with a baby is a continuous cycle of feedings, changing diapers, sleepless nights and exhaustion. Not one day, not one hour, not one minute is similar to another.

Each day I marvel at the changes I see in Marc. It’s magical.

I hold him, he opens his eyes wide and stares at me. I pick him up, he smiles. I call his name, he turns towards me. According to Sam and the rest of the medical world, my deductions are all wrong. The baby would stare at any large object. His smile is a grimace for pasing gas. He would turn his head toward any loud noise. They can sat whatever they want. I truly believe Marc recognizes the pitch of my voice and can identify me. When I talk or sing to him, he raises his head and responds by waiving his arms and his legs. When I move around the room, he follows me with his eyes. Each new movement and noise he makes is a source of wonder. Yesterday, he said “aghhh” and rolled his head to the right and to the left. I was bursting with pride. I have such a clever baby!!


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