Day 2

I am at the doctor’s office. Today is my first prenatal physical. I have filled out all the forms and answered the questionnaires. 

My back hurts and I am sleepy. I feel irritable and out of sorts. It seems like I have been waiting for a long time. Finally the nurse calls me in.

“Hello!” she says, “my name is Julie. This way please.”

“Let’s first check your weight.”

I step on the scale and close my eyes. I don’t want to know my weight. What if I have put on ten pounds? A few seconds pass and I hear her scribbling on the chart. I can’t resist peaking at her notes. Surprise!! I have lost two pounds.

“Now” says Julie, “I have to take your blood pressure and draw a blood sample to send to the lab. Then Dr Lee will examine you.”

More waiting!! Then Dr Lee walks in.

He examines me and we go over the questionnaire in detail.

“Well Sofie, you are pregnant. The result of the blood test will make it official. Do you have any questions?”

I have a million!!!  But I feel suddenly shy and tongue-tied and don’t utter a word.

” Then, I’ll see you in two weeks.”

This first doctor’s visit is over. It has given me confidence. I walk out of the doctor’s office feeling peaceful and calm.


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