Day 20: DPChallenge

Grocery shopping

We are going grocery shopping!! Marc is sleeping peacefully in his car seat. I gently lift the carrier seat, Marc is securely strapped in it and place it in the shopping cart. I leisurely go through the aisles comparing labels and prices.

Marc wakes up and start to fidget. I look at my shopping list, it is quite long. I accelerate my pace: Milk, cheese….

Marc starts crying. I push the cart faster: Chicken, ground meat…….

Marc is crying in earnest. I run towards the check stand. The rest of the shopping can wait.

The line at the check stand is long. Marc’s face is all red, large tears stream out of his tightly squeezed eyes. His voice fills the whole store.I feel terrible and feel like crying too. I pick him up and hold him close. He stops crying. His small body is trembling and he hiccups from time to time. Finally my turn comes. With one hand I empty the cart and pay the cashier, then zigzag my way to the car.

I place Marc in his car seat. In record time I dump the groceries in the back of the car and head back home. Marc starts crying again. The trip back seems interminable. I put his favorite CD, sing along, talk to him, nothing works.

I finally see our house. We have arrived! I pick him up and run inside. Just being at home has a calming effect on both of us. Marc finally stops screaming and I stop panicking. I cradle him and head to his room. I sit in the rocking chair and hold him tight. Phew! What a morning. Calm at last.


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