Day 24

I am a firm believer in following a set schedule when raising a baby. I thought the routine would be dull, but I did not count on the perpetual changes I observed in Marc, every day, every hour and every minute. My parenting style tends toward being on baby alert 24/7.

I made the decision to be a full time mother until Marc starts kindergarten. I am lucky to have that option and I don’t regret it for one minute. Marc is growing up so fast. I don’t want to miss anything. I recall exactly the first time he smiled at me. He was a tiny baby, beautiful and helpless. He is now growing bigger and stronger every day. At each doctor’s visit, his weight increases. He is always in the 90th percentile on the growth chart. After the visit, I feel I have been given a medal of high achievement.

Playtime is the highlight of the day. One of our favorite game is sitting on the couch facing each other, with me singing off-key and Marc pushing rhythmically on my legs with his little feet doing his special creative dance.

I used hold him cradled in my arms. Then I started holding him upright with his head on my shoulder. He would startle me by turning suddenly and pressing his face against my neck. In no time he started rolling over. He loved doing it when I was changing him. His independent spirit started showing very soon. At five months, he is now sitting on his own and grabbing his bottle with both hands.


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