Day 25

Marc is now nine months old. He is active, always eager and constantly interested in his surroundings. He crawls everywhere. Sitting in the playpen is a thing of the past. He used to stay in it until all the toys were scattered on the floor outside the playpen and then would scream for me to pick him up. By the way, I never let him cry for more than ten seconds. He would refuse to go back in the playpen until all his favorite toys were once again neatly arranged.

So now, in addition of being super vigilant, I have to keep the floors clean at all times. Any small specks he finds goes in his mouth and that grosses me out. He is now strong enough to hold the edge of the sofa or the coffee table and stand up and is even taking a few steps. I feel that very soon he is going to take his first steps on his own. Every time he stands up and starts walking holding the side of the furniture, I hold my breath. Then when he falls with a PLOMP I let out a sigh of disappointment.


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