Day 30


                       Marc just finished his breakfast. Sesame Street will start in a few

                      minutes. I quickly tidy up the kitchen, pick him up and go to the

                      family room. I get the remote and sit on the floor in front of the

                    TV with Marc in my lap. He is curious about the remote and reaches

                  for it. I let him take it. He examines it and then starts punching on the

                  buttons. The TV screen lights up and grabs his attention. I quickly

                 take the remote from his hand and punch the number for the public

                channel. The familiar opening music of Sesame Street fills the room.

                Marc’s attention is riveted to the screen. We watch in silence and as

                 always I too get engrossed in the program.

                 Marc startles me by standing up and moving forward to touch the

                screen. I circle his waist and pull him back towards me. He sits back and

                we continue watching. The whole program is about the letter L.

                 I get so absorbed in the program that I am not even paying attention

               to Marc. It is really interesting. Marc starts to wiggle. I shush him

               without taking my eyes off the screen. He stays quiet for a few moments

               then suddenly stands up, points at Bid Bird and says:


               I blankly stare at him for a moment. Then jump up excitedly and say:

              “Yes!! Yellow. This is Big Bird. Say Big Bird.”

              “this is Elmo”




               We wiggle and stomp at cookie monster’s off beat singing. We clap our

              hands and laugh at Ernie’s funny hair do. Like two parakeets we repeat

             everything we hear.

             Soon Marc tires and turns away from the TV and totters towards the

             kitchen. I know the signs. He is hungry. I fill his cup with milk and hand

             it to him. He plops on the floor and drinks greedily.

              I stand by the sink and watch him. This was fun.  My worries were

              unnecessary. It suddenly dawns on me that the key is interactive

              play. Sitting passively in front of the TV is one option. The better

             option is to turn it into a game and enjoy it. The programs seem

              to be geared towards interactive play. They often prompt us to


             It’s naptime. I pick up Marc and take him to his room.







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