Day 4

Mood Swings!

What an apt analogy. My moods are doing the swing, the tango and even trying the salsa. They are jumping from serene to angry, from content to displeased, from calm to turbulent at the drop of a hat.

I cannot help but wonder at how unreasonable and moody I am. In general, I am such a practical and levelheaded person. Can a hormonal upheaval change a person so much? It obviously can. At first I did not realize what was happening to me. These mood changes creep up slowly or most of the time bang you on the head like a sledgehammer.

Either way, it is not easy. I found out that the best way to deal with it is to go with the flow. My friends and family put up with me with a lot of patience. They sometimes give me this look that says: “Here she goes again!….”


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