Day 5

The baby is moving

I wake up with a start form a deep sleep. It is the middle of the night. It is a pattern that has been repeating for the last week. My lower back hurts. Suddenly, I feel a swift and dull pain. What was that?  I hold my breath and wait. Nothing happens.

It is morning, I am moving about the house doing my chores. Suddenly, I double up from a lancing pain. I take a deep breath and straighten up slowly. I gently massage my abdomen in an attempt to relieve the dull pain. I feel a tremor under my hand. I snatch my hand away. WHAT WAS THAT? I gently put my hand back and feel the tremor again. It suddenly dawns on me.


So far, my whole attention was on the outwardly visible changes: the weight gain, the swelling, the discomfort. The ultrasound showed me a picture of my baby; real but still intangible. To actually feel the baby kicking takes it to another level. Somehow, it makes everything more real. The changes on the outside are only a reminder of the real changes inside.


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