Day 7: Weekly Writing Challenge

The Baby Shower

My friend and neighbor, Leila,is throwing a baby shower for baby and me. Celebrating the advent of a child with joy and happiness surrounded by family and friends is absolutely charming. And I get to be the guest of honor. To be exact, the baby is. But hey, let’s not be too technical. We come as a package.

Leila lives a few block down. We all gather in her living room. The mood is jovial and happy. I take a moment and watch the people around me. There is a lot of hugging, laughing and talking loudly. The topic of conversation revolves around family, children and babies of course. Each person present has an advice for me.

Miriam sits by me and says: “My boy is two and it is exhausting. Look at him.” She points at a stout little boy who is running, jumping and screaming. “You see,” she continues ” he never stops.”

No Kidding!!

They all take turn to sit by me and tell their story. I am being inducted into the mommy community. Their is now a bond, an affinity between me and all the mom’s of the world. At the end of an hour my head is full of these very interesting tidbits.

Lunch is served buffet style. Leila has outdone herself. The table is full of appetizing and delicious dishes.

The opening of the gifts comes next. I open each present, admire it and thank the person who brought it. All of them are for the baby of course; toys, cute outfits, gift certificates. This is so much fun. I am having the time of my life.

Thanks Leila!!


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