Day 9

This is nice! Just like a hotel room, I think to myself. I am in a large and comfortable hospital room, on the maternity ward, waiting, waiting and waiting. THEN Dr Lee walks in with an entourage of nurses, medical students and an assortment of heavy machinery that would make a NASA flight deck look like an arcade.

I look at Dr Lee in total panic. It dawns on me that they are going to HOOK ME UP TO THESE MACHINES. 

I reach for Sam’s hand and squeeze it. I am so overwhelmed; i am not even paying attention to the contraction pains. One of the nurses walks towards me and says smilingly:

” Hi! I am Jennifer and I am going to install this I.V. line. You’ll only feel a small sting.”

I look at the needle in her hand and open my mouth to object. But she is fast and has already pushed the tip of the needle in the vein. OUCH! That hurt! She reaches behind her and gets hold of a bunch of wires and starts taping the tips all over me. Thank God it doesn’t hurt. She points at the machines and says:

” This one monitors the baby’s heartbeat. This one shows your contractions and vital signs. Look at the screen and you can follow your contraction patterns.” She wraps the cuff of the blood pressure machine around my arm and continues: “You are all ready now.”

I look up and see a dozen pair of eyes looking at me. The whole medical team is advancing toward me. 


Then I hear Dr Lee calmly say: “Thank you everyone. Now I need to examine the patient.” I watch with relief as the whole group file out of the room. “ Very well Sofie!” Dr Lee continues, ” the contraction are coming regularly. You are doing great. It won’t be long now. My wife is going to be happy, at this rate I won’t be late for dinner. Jennifer will call me when it is time. Practice your breathing exercises.”

The room is now empty except for Sam. After  the commotion of the set up, it’s nice to have some quiet. The good news is that I’ll stay in this room for the whole process. I eye all the electrical equipment around me. They really look scary, but it is a relief to know that in case of an emergency I won’t be rushed out to a surgical room they have all they need here.

I have no complaint about the setting. It is the waiting that is getting to me. I close my eyes and wish I could sleep.


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