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157. First tooth. Weekly Writing Challenge.

First Tooth Marc is clinging to me, his chubby arms tight around my neck. This is not his usual behavior.  I am worried. I better call Sam. “Sofie, are you OK?” “I’m fine. It’s Marc.” “What’s wrong?” I can hear the anxiety in his voice. I am torn between showing how worried I am and … Continue reading

150. Traveling with a baby!!! Daily Prompt

Travel Marc is now five months old. He is a delight. The changes in him are amazing. He is sitting, rolling on his back, interacting with the people around him and learning new skills every single day. I feel so confident with my abilities that I am planning to travel abroad: in fact, a visit … Continue reading

145.Weekly Writing Challenge: Through The Door.

It is amazing how my outlook on life has changed. The physical and emotional changes morphed me into a new person. I used to take so many things for granted; food, sleep, work, rest, hobbies, not anymore. They all take second place to my child. His needs come first. At the hospital, the whole maternity … Continue reading

129. An Ordinary Day.

TIMETABLE After a few days of complete chaos, I said to myself enough is enough. I need some kind of order, a predictable timetable. I need to know if it’s morning or night. When will I find the time to think and plan? I am either looking after the baby or in a lethargic stupor … Continue reading