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75. Birth Plan: DPChallenge

My Birth Plan Dr Lee has strongly suggested that I prepare a birth plan. This birth plan is a guide for my labor and delivery. Being the super organized person that I am I drew up a very long and comprehensive plan with very minute details. Extremely proud of my work, I showed it to … Continue reading

65. Hospital Stay Packing: DPChallenge

 The Mommy Lists Personal items Cotton socks Comfortable slippers Comfy pjs Terry robe and towels Cotton underwear and nursing bra Maxi pads Going home outfit for you Extra pillows Toiletries Toothpaste Toothbrush Lotion Hairbrush Hair band, clips Shampoo & conditioner Deodorant Makeup For the Baby 3 long sleeves onesies 3 long sleeves bodysuits Receiving blanket … Continue reading

63. The Lamaze Class: DPChallenge

THE LAMAZE CLASS The Lamaze technique focuses on controlled breathing to help women during labor. I felt eager to try it and signed up for the classes. They are conveniently located in the hospital where I will give birth. I did not expect Sam to be so difficult and refuse point blank to come to … Continue reading

61. Stocking The Kitchen: DPChallenge

The Mommy Lists In the Pantry Rice Flour Sugar Coffee Cereal Granola bars Pasta Canned soup Dried fruits and nuts Paper towels (a lot) Paper plates and cups Bottled water Olive oil In the Freezer Frozen fruits to make smoothies Ice cream Favorite muffins and pastries individually packed In the Fridge Orange juice, apple juice, … Continue reading

59. Thank You Note.

I am organizing the baby’s closet and putting away the gifts I received during the baby shower party. So many gifts!! All for the baby of course. Signing up for the baby registry was a genial idea. This way, all the items on my final checklist have been checked. I just need to buy the baby’s car … Continue reading