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183. Mommyhood 101: 10 Sofie Asks.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO HAVE IN YOUR MEDICINE CABINET WHEN YOU HAVE AN INFANT. Here’s the list I came up with: 1- A box of bandages different sizes 2- Sterile gauze pads 3- Tweezers and Scissors 4- Antiseptic cream (neosporin) 5- Tylenol drops 6- Rubbing Alcohol 7- A digital thermometer 8- Small ear pump … Continue reading

102. Weekly Writing Challenge. Immunization: To Vaccinate Or Not!

  I had very interesting feedbacks on my question: To vaccinate or not. yarnspinner sent a link to a very controversial and very interesting article.  Thanks glitter mama  ( I love your very practical approach to parenting) and lucid gypsy (lovely poems) for sharing your thoughts. I have been doing extensive reading about mandatory vaccination and immunization schedules and still have … Continue reading

97. Mommyhood 101. 7 Sofie asks:

THIS IS HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL: TO VACCINATE OR NOT. You can answer by: – Leaving a comment in the comment box. – Linking to a post you have written. – Linking to another post or article. – You can use written words (prose or rhymes), photos, videos… – You can send me an e-mail on my … Continue reading