4- Second Trimester Checklist

Second Trimester Checklist

Health Provider Care
  • Schedule first ultrasound. Hear baby’s heartbeat. Take baby’s first picture.
  • Discuss the intensity of your mood swings with your healthcare professional.
  • Symptoms you may experience during this period are backache, achiness in the lower abdomen, heartburn, dizziness and enlarged breasts. Discuss the intensity of these symptoms with your healthcare provider during each visit.
Self Care
  • Don’t let unwanted advice get to you. Smile and nod
  • Check maternity clothes on line or in stores. You’re showing, flaunt it
  • Baby kicking
  • Find comfortable position to sleep; use of body pillow
  • Use of Mederma Cream for stretch marks
  • Manage your food craving. Be resonable.
Delivery Preparation
  • Choose the hospital where you are going to give birth.
  • Sign up for Lamaze class
  • Start preliminary checking to set up the baby’s nursery. Details on 3rd Trimester

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