About Sofie’s Diary

The main inspiration for Sofie’s diary came from Odile Josephe’s book: ‘The Mommy Diary: The First Year.’an autobiographical fiction. The main character Sofie has just found out that she is pregnant.

This site was created to share Sofie’s experiences with the large community of future mothers and fathers.

We learn how Sofie copes with all the problems she faces and deals with the emotional reactions of her friends and family and sails through this pregnancy and loves it. Sofie’s bubbly personality shines through her stories.

With fascination we join her each week as she shares with us her fashion sense in maternity clothes and the thousands of decisions she has to make every day from choosing the nursery furniture, to the baby’s layette and getting ready for one of the most momentous event in her life: the birth of her child.

It doesn’t stop there. We walk with her on the path of this continuous process of learning and mothering.

Odile Josephe lives in Los Angeles with her husband. They have three grown up kids. She holds a PharmD degree. She loves reading, dancing and gardening.‘The Mommy Diary : The First Year’ is the first of a trilogy set.
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Deidree Wong loves the web and all organized functional pretty things. She enjoys watching good movies, reading and dancing in her spare time.
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  1. Thanks for taking the time to find me… it has helped me find you! So excited that you have decided to follow along with me! I hope you continue to find what I have to share interesting! I look forward to catching up on some of your latest posts! ;)


  2. Thank you for stopping by and giving my post a “like”. I’m a grandmother for the first time – she’s 3 months – I will pass your blog along to my DIL – I think it could benefit her ;) Oh, and congrats on the awards!!!


  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post about a real and universal live translator. I would like to have one. Your blog is great!. I’m glad to know it now.


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