Chapter One (continued)

Chapter one (continued) Her gaze wandered again on her neighborhood. She knew every family that lived there. Nana loved company and a good gossip. The women would gather every morning around the “manghal”, a large  round copper container placed on a thick pad in the middle of the room and filled with smoldering coal used for heat and … Continue reading

Chapter One (continued)

Chapter One (continued) Sarah khanem lived in that section too.  Her husband Solomon Agha was a merchant and very rich. She came regularly to their house to visit mayrig (mother) and nana and drink coffee and taste nana’s locum dessert.  Nana’s” locums” were perfection. A gelatinous sweet filled with pistachios. Before leaving mother would give her a … Continue reading

Chapter One – continued-

  Chapter One (continued) She had never left her village. She looked down and let her gaze wander on the sleepy village sprawled at the foot of a chain of hills.  Their village Ourfa was large and prosperous. It was divided into three major quarters. The Armenian quarter where her family and all their friends … Continue reading

Chapter One

 Chapter One “ Almast!! Where are you? Come here at once and help in the kitchen.” Almast heard her mother’s summon but ignored it. The kitchen was the last place she wanted to be. It was a beautiful day. The air was fragrant with the first blooming wildflowers. She wanted to run in the meadows, … Continue reading


PROLOGUE   She wanted to open her eyes. She wanted to move her arm to shield them from the merciless glare of the sun. She wanted to move her legs away from the hard and scratchy surface.  She wanted to stand up and run as if her life depended on it. She was racked with … Continue reading